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Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21 is delicately sweet, with maple, brown sugar, caramel, raisin, subtle vanilla, clove, Allspice, plus hints of apricot and mango. The alcohols are well integrated with no offensive bite. A wonderful feeling as buttery smooth reflections of sweet light warm maple syrup envelopes your mouth! Body, medium viscosity, substantial without being cloying, somewhat fruity, a little butterscotch and wood, and finely distilled alcohols. Vizcaya’s pleasant finish lingers with savory flavors that are completely consistent with the overall tasting experience.

Vizcaya VXOP is beautifully presented in an attractive decanter, a curved-shoulder, oversize perfume-style bottle shows off well, and is a fitting container for a rum you will be proud to own. Vizcaya VXOP shows a beautiful deep mahogany amber color from long aging in wood. Vizcaya VXOP stands above so many of the other fine rums with its mature, sweet and complex favors.

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