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Just southwest of Kyoto lies the region known as Yamazaki. It is here, nestled deep within the heart of Mt. Tennozan that you will find Japan’s oldest malt whisky distillery. Blessed with crystal-clear spring waters, Yamazaki offers the ideal setting for whisky production. Long hailed for its delicious pristine water, Yamazaki is where Senno Rikyu, the ‘father of the Japanese tea ceremony”, came to develop the most refined form of this art known as wabi-cha.
The humid climate and shroud of mist arising from the intersection of the Katsura, Uji and Kizu rivers create the perfect environment to age superior whisky in oak casks that breathe in the atmosphere of Yamazaki.
Since 1923, when construction of the distillery began, workers here have been dedicate to the pursuit of crafting single malt whiskies suited to the delicate Japanese palate through innovations that incorporate the time-honored art of whisky making.
Boasting an Internationally acclaimed aroma that has been dubbed “noble”, Yamazaki single malt is the fruit borne of the fine craftsmanship made in Japan and dedicated to the pursuit of a uniquely Japanese whisky.
25 years.
Deep and complex with a sherry finish.

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