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The innovative company was founded in 1992, when a businessman was tired of hangovers. Skyy claims that it is so pure, because it eliminates all the toxins during its special distilling process, which results in having no more hangovers.

For its innovative marketing of the original Skyy Vodka and its flavoured vodkas Skyy Infusions, the company has won many awards. With the image Skyy adds to its vodka, the sleek blue bottles are distinctive and attract a whole new group of people that may have not been into vodka before.

Bartenders all over the planet love the pure vodka for its huge mixing possibilities and say that the best cocktails are based on Skyy Vodka. All these compliments made us come up with a recipe for a drink as well.

For an Apricot Breeze Cocktail you need the following ingredients:

30ml Skyy Vodka
90 ml apricot nectar
tonic water
Fill up a hurricane glass with ice cubes and add the vodka and the apricot nectar, then fill up the glass with tonic water. Now stir the cocktail gently et voilà – cheers to a warm summer night!

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