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Launched in 2006, the Codigo brand was established with only one goal in mind: to craft the most exquisite tequila expressions using the finest ingredients sourced from all across Jalisco’s Los Bajos region. Using these premium materials and a combination of time-honored artisanal techniques passed down from generation to generation, they were able to come up with a decadent range of expressions that any tequila fan would be proud to add to their home bar or liquor shelf.

One of these is the Codigo Blanco, an un-aged tequila offering made with mixologists in mind and offering an unadulterated taste of agave with every sip. Each batch of this tequila begins with estate-grown Blue Weber Agaves which are harvested at peak maturity and slowly cooked in stainless steel ovens before being put through their proprietary chopper and then pressed to extract its juices. These juices then undergo fermentation with the help of organic yeast sourced from a local family-owned bakery before being distilled to create a clean, clear, and smooth spirit which is then immediately brought to proof and bottled to preserve the agave’s natural character.

Crystal clear in color, each sip of this tequila greets you with a very peppery nose supported by hints of overripe fruit and earthy agave. This is then followed by a crisp and semi-sweet palate of citrus, baked apples, vanilla, coconut, more agave, ripe banana, and savory smoked meats, all tied together by a warming finish with hints of cinnamon.

A superb mixing tequila that also doesn’t shy away from a little neat sipping, the Codigo Blanco Tequila is one bottle that you would never regret adding to your home bar or liquor shelf. So don’t think twice about getting yourself a bottle or two and give your favorite tequila cocktails the premium treatment they deserve.

Made from 100% estate-grown Blue Weber Agave
Artisanally distilled for maximum flavor and smoothness
Great for sipping and cocktails

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